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Lead Abatement Services in Caseyville IL

Lead Hazard — Construction Company in Caseyville, IL
Older structures, especially historical buildings, can have residual lead paint, which is extremely harmful to the human body. As a result, any renovations to these buildings must be performed by qualified companies. Clymer Construction is approved by the EPA for painting and renovating services in Illinois and Missouri.

Contractors carefully remove the lead paint in a systematic process. In most cases only the workers are allowed in the project area. As it's being removed, lead paint can easily travel through the air in powder form. Workers wear specialized masks to remain safe from the hazardous powders in the air.

An encapsulating, enclosure and replacement process is performed throughout the abatement service. Our team will take the lead paint and discard it as dictated by federal environmental laws.
When you're looking for contractors who can perform nearly any repair or installation project, Clymer Construction is your solution. Along with lead abatement, our team can also help you with your siding, doors and roofing needs. We can even provide a quote for new windows on your residential or commercial building. Our team is committed to serving you with the highest quality services in the Metro East Caseyville/Collinsville, IL area.