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General Repair Contractor in Caseyville IL

Wooden Doors — Construction Company in Caseyville, IL
As your home ages, it will require plenty of care and attention to combat weathering damage. You may not need a brand-new roof, but Clymer Construction is more than just a roofing company. In fact, our team is highly skilled in regard to several structural project types. When you call for a free estimate on your general repairs, we can offer you some suggestions that will improve your property's aesthetics and value.

Our team repairs your rooftop and also examines other accessories, such as seamless gutters, flashing and chimney exteriors. Some parts of your home may appear to be permanent, but they can be repaired or replaced as necessary. Consider some of these structural accessories that we service, including:
Replacement Doors
Replacement Windows
Soffit Board, Fascia Board — Construction Company in Caseyville, IL
Update the home for a quick sale when you replace the windows and doors. These items alone will dazzle potential buyers. Pests, weathering and other damage to this area directly influence your roofing's overall health.

When it's time to invest in your home, a remodeling project is a perfect way to increase the property's value. Take a look at our basic services for those special projects, such as:
Vinyl Siding
Room Additions
Our pricing is competitive, and we accept cash, checks and money orders. Contact Clymer Construction today at (618) 345-1972. We're open weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. With one structural evaluation, our team can help you start your general repairs and protect your home from weathering damage.